• Precision CAD/CAM milled
  • Outstanding marginal fit
  • ~1440 MPa in strength
  • Substructure available in eight different shades
  • Naturally translucent
  • Conventionally cemented
  • Easy chamfer prep 


  • Anterior: crowns and bridges
  • Posterior: crowns and bridges


Lava crowns and bridges are created via CAD/CAM technology. Designed with presintered blocks of zirconia, Lava restorations offer an all-ceramic solution to many situations where high strength with an aesthetic look is required.

With our experience in both the CAD/CAM space and our proven aesthetic proficiency, as an authorised lava milling center, we can give your practice outstanding combination of strength, aesthetics and versatility. 

Hermanson Lemke is an authorized 3M™ ESPE™ LAVA™ milling center with the experience and expertise of over 40,000 milled units.

To read more, visit the 3M ESPE website.